Danila Djokić

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Danila Djokic is a Slovene national with over twenty years experience as a commercial and corporate lawyer. She received her degree in legal science from the Ljubljana University where she also completed her Masters and Ph. D. studies in corporate governance. Ms. Djokic broadened her international experience through secondments to law firms and investment banking houses in London and also undertook advanced scientific studies in Comparative Law at the "Faculté Internationale de Droit Comparé" and in American Law at the Columbia Law School. She worked for the Slovenian privatization agency. For several years she run her private law office and realized several international projects. She is a member of professional associations and networks, as well as an arbitrator listed with the Permanent Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia She has also authored several books, teaching materials, articles and scientific papers. Her professional work on UP FM includes questions of supervision and control in the field of corporate governance, autonomous sources of business and corporate law and business (commercial) contracts.


Academic year 2019/20
  • Business Transactions
    •   first cycle professional study programme (Bachelor degree) Management

    •   Celje, Škofja Loka

  • International Contract Law
    •   second cycle Master degree study programme Law for management

    •   Koper

  • Resolving of disputes
    •   second cycle Master degree study programme Law for management

    •   Koper

  • Legal Systems
    •   first cycle academic study programme (Bachelor degree) Management

    •   Koper



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DJOKIĆ, Danila, and Mojca DUH. 2016. Corporate governance quality in selected transition countriesManaging global transitions 14(4): 335–350. 

DJOKIĆ, Danila2011. Korporacijsko upravljanje in nadzor delniških družb: Slovenija, Evropa, svet – dobre prakse, usmeritve, priporočila, odgovornosti. Ljubljana: Uradni list Republike Slovenije. 



PhD, Associate Professor in Law

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