Armand Faganel

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Armand Faganel has earned the title of Doctor of Science at the University of Primorska, Faculty of Management in Koper, where he is also Head of the Department of Marketing. Prior to his employment at the University he gained working experience in the field of commerce; he was Head of Marketing, Head of Sales and Business Unit Manager at different international companies. Since 2009, occasionally he teaches several subjects at the Finnish University of Applied Sciences in Mikkeli and performs various professional seminars in the field of sales and marketing in Slovenia and abroad. He participated and led several research projects, among his research interest are scientific fields of perception of service quality, branding, consumer behavior and higher education issues.


Academic year 2019/20



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JANEŠ, Aleksander, in Armand FAGANEL. 2013. Instruments and methods for the integration of company's strategic goals and key performance indicators. Kybernetes 42(6): 928–942.



PhD, Assistant Professor for Marketing

PhD, Senior Lecturer in Management

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