Viktorija Florjančič

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Viktorija Florjančič obtained her doctoral thesis at the University of Primorska, Faculty of Management. In her doctoral thesis, she researched the factors of effective blended learning. E-learning, the usage of information-comunication technology (ICT) in education, is her research area since 1999. She has been researching different aspects of implementing ICT in the processes of acquiring knowledge, as well as many others aspects of ICT usage in enterprises, organizations and society. The results of her research work are published in national and international journals. She is a member of following journal editorial boards: International Journal of Learning Technology, Journal of Management in Education and BADEN newsletter; Balkan Distance education Network BADEN. Beside research and pedagogical work at faculty, she is in charge of supporting Moodle users.


Academic year 2020/21



FLORJANČIČ, Viktorija. 2015. The information society, a challenge for business students?. In: UDEN, Lorna (ur.), LIBERONA, Dario (ur.), WELZER-DRUŽOVEC, Tatjana (ur.). Learning technology for education in cloud : 4th International Workshop, LTEC 2015, Maribor, Slovenia, August 24-28, 2015 : proceedings, (Communications in computer and information science (Internet), 177–187. Cham: Springer. 

FLORJANČIČ, Viktorija. 2014. E-študij v slovenskem visokošolskem prostoru. Pedagoška obzorja 29(3/4): 139–155.  

FLORJANČIČ, Viktorija, ISAKOVIĆ, Alja. 2013. The presence of mobile devices among business studentsInternational journal of learning technology 8(2): 112–126. 



PhD, Associate Professor in Business Informatics

PhD, Associate Professor in Management in Education

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