Jana Hojnik

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Jana Hojnik holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. In 2016 she defended her doctoral dissertation at Faculty of Management, University of Primorska (Eco-innovation model: antecedents, main dimensions and consequences). She is a research and teaching assistant at Faculty of Management, University of Primorska. Her main teaching area includes entrepreneurship. While her main research interest encompasses research fields of Eco-innovation, Innovation and Internationalization. She authored or co-authored various scientific papers published in international scientific journals in the field of entrepreneurship, management and environmental economy. She is a member of European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE).


Academic year 2019/20



Hojnik, Jana, RUZZIER, Mitja. 2016. The driving forces of process eco-innovation and its impact on performance: Insights from Slovenia. Journal of Cleaner Production. In Press.

HOJNIK, Jana, in Mitja RUZZIER. 2015. What drives eco-innovation?: A review of an emerging literatureEnvironmental innovation and societal transitions 19: 31–411.

RUZZIER, Mitja, Jana HOJNIK in Aleš LIPNIK. 2014. Is innovation really a determinant of internationalisation? The case of Slovenian internationalised companies. International journal of sustainable economy 6(3): 275–287. 



PhD, Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship

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