Tatjana Horvat

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Tatjana Horvat is an Assistant Professor of Accounting and Auditing. She is Certified Internal Auditor for Public Sector (licenced by Slovenian Ministry of Finance) and Certified Internal Auditor for Private Sector and Certified Accountant (licenced by The Slovenian Institute of Auditors). At Ministry of Justice RS she is a member of comission for court expert and judicial appraiser for economy/finance area. She is an expert for internal auditing, accounting and reporting, public finance, financial planning and public internal financial control; for companies and public institutions. Many years she is the president of jury for Best annual report and Best CFO. At the The National School of Leadership in Education she is inolved in Project of European Social Funds (ESS) for effective leadership in schools and kindergartens.


Academic year 2019/20



HORVAT, Tatjana. 2015. Corporate social responsibility depending on the size of business entity. In Managing sustainable growth: abstracts of the joint international conference organised by University of Primorska, Faculty of Management, Slovenia, Eastern European Economics, USA, and Society for the Study of Emerging Markets, eds. Doris Gomezelj Omerzel, Suzana Laporšek. Koper: Faculty of management. 

HORVAT, Tatjana, BAN, Tanja. 2013. Vloga neposrednih in posrednih stroškov v finančni instituciji. Bančni vestnik 62(6): 41–45.

HORVAT, Tatjana. 2011. Transferring internal control knowledge from legislation to school management: the case of Slovenia. In Knowledge as business opportunity: proceedings of the Management, Knowledge and Learning International Conference 2011, eds. Valerij Dermol et al., 435–444. Celje: International School for Social and Business Studies.



PhD, Assistant Professor in Accounting and Auditing

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