Dragan Kesič

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Dragan Kesič made his Doctorate from economic-business sciences with the thesis of globalization processes in the world pharmaceutical industry. He is an Associate Professor at UP Faculty of Management Koper, teaching in graduate and postgraduate progarmmes courses International Business, Dimensions of International Business, Marketing, Marketing communication, Commercialization of knowledge and technologies.. He has had a longterm working and managerial experiences from the international business, globalization, marketing, international marketing, strategic marketing, strategic planing, corporate management and supervising. His research interests are globalization processes, internationalization, management of international business, marketing, strategic marketing and management of strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate management and governance.


Academic year 2019/20



KESIČ, Dragan. 2013. Importance of product in high-tech industryInternational journal of business and social science 4(12): 27–35. 

KESIČ, Dragan. 2012. Globalization influences strategic changes and movementsInnovative issues and approaches in social sciences 5(1): 58–69.



PhD, Associate Professor in International Business Operations

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