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Dr. Katarina Krapež is an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Primorska in Slovenia and Head of the Technology Transfer Office at the Faculty of Information Studies in Slovenia. Her background includes more than eight years of teaching intellectual property law and related legal courses to students of management, informatics, and media. She holds qualifications from the Universities of Ljubljana (BA Law), London (MA Digital Media), and Primorska (PhD Intellectual Property Law). Since 2009, she has been serving as legal counsel to producers of TV content and managers of higher education and research institutions. During 11 years of work experience, dr. Krapež has acquired diverse skills and competences related to teaching, research, project management, micro company management, independent legal consultancy and specialised journalism. Dr. Krapež’s research interests cover theoretical and empirical studies on copyright, new advances in IP law, and the role of law in the information society. She has conducted both independent and funded research in different fields of law (regulatory impact assessment, legal aspects of e-services, quality assurance in higher education and research institutions, labour law, and social security law). Her recent research focuses on the legal aspects of scientific publishing, with an emphasis on copyright in science. Dr. Krapež is currently a project leader of a European Regional Development Found financed project, focused on accelerating a technology transfer form public universities to SMEs.


Academic year 2020/21



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Krapež, Katarina, Valentina Franca and Darja Senčur Peček. 2012. Social security rights and the status of workers on Slovenian family farms. Workers & Employers 12(4): 553–575.

Krapež, Katarina. 2012. Regulating academic plagiarism: Managerial challenges for the technological age. Journal of US-China public administration 9(8): 917–928.




PhD, Assistant Professor in Law

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