Suzana Laporšek

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Suzana Laporšek graduated in International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, and in International Economics at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. In 2014 she received a PhD in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana (with a doctoral thesis »Minimum Wage Effects in Slovenia: Empirical Analysis with Microdata«). At the Faculty of Management she lectures in the field of finance. Her research interests include finance and labour market analyses. She is an author of a number of scientific papers and participates in several national and international research programs and projects.


Academic year 2019/20



LAPORŠEK, Suzana. 2013. Minimum Wage Effects on Youth Employment in the European UnionApplied economics letters, 20 (14): 1288–1292.

DOLENC, Primož, and Suzana LAPORŠEK. 2013. Flexicurity policies and their association with productivity in the European UnionPrague Economic Papers, 22 (2): 224–239.

LAPORŠEK, Suzana, and Igor STUBELJ. 2012. Employment protection legislation and profits: evidence from European countriesTransylvanian review of administrative sciences, 35 E: 138–152.



Development of reform strategies for social protection in Slovenia


PhD, Assistant Professor in Economics

PhD, Assistant Professor in Finance


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