Borut Likar

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Borut Likar is a Full Professor and a research counsellor at the UP FM. He achieved his PhD at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. He is mainly focused on management of innovation processes, R&D, technology and technology transfer in business organisations as well as in educational system. He is the author of hundreds of scientific, expert and other publications (more than 500 bibliographic units), initiator of several international projects and the author of patents, models and copyright works - many proved to be extremely marketable. He is an innovator and a recipient of many national and international awards for his innovations and research work. Among numerous lectures he has given, the talks at the United Nations’ headquarters in Geneva and at the European Parliament in Brussel were met with a particularly wide response. Likar is also the amateur photographer, where he is particularly interested in creative and innovative approaches to photography. He also engages in writing aphorisms, which were published internationally.


Academic year 2019/20
Academic year 2020/21



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PAVLIČ, Miran, LIKAR, Borut, PAVLIČ, Alenka, MARKIČ, Mirko. 2011. Managing occupational injuries records in Slovenia from 1948 to 2008. Safety science 49(6): 834–842.



PhD, Full Professor in Management

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