Maja Meško

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Maja Meško, PhD, is a full professor of management at the Faculty of Management, University of Primorska. She received PhD in kinesiology, the title of her doctoral dissertation is Defining certain motor abilities and psychological characteristics of the Slovenian military pilots. Her research interests include the areas of management, psychology in management, occupational health and management. She has also participated in various projects. She authored or co-authored various scientific papers published in professional and academic journals.


Academic year 2020/21



KRESAL, Friderika, ROBLEK, Vasja, JERMAN, Andrej, MEŠKO, Maja. 2015. Lower back pain and absenteeism among professional public transport driversInternational journal of occupational safety and ergonomics 21(2): 166172.

MEŠKO, Maja, KARPLJUK, Damir, MEŠKO ŠTOK, Zlatka, VIDEMŠEK, Mateja, BERTONCEL, Tine, BERTONCELJ, Andrej, PODBREGAR, Iztok. 2013. Motor abilities and psychological characteristics of Slovene military pilots. The International journal of aviation psychology 23(4): 306–318.

ROBLEK, Vasja, PEJIĆ BACH, Mirjana, MEŠKO, Maja, BERTONCELJ, Andrej. 2013. The impact of social media to value added in knowledge-based industriesKybernetes 42(4): 554–568.



PhD, Full Professor in Management

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