Peter Štrukelj

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In 2007, Peter Štrukelj received a diploma at the Faculty of Social Sciences (University of Ljubljana) in the field of international relations. In 2009, he received a Masters degree at the Faculty of Economics (University of Ljubljana) in the field of international economics. In 2014, he received a PhD at the Faculty of Management (University of Primorska) in the field of modelling and assessing technological capability. At the Faculty of Management, he now works as an assistant professor in different management courses, as well as in research work of post-graduate students. His fields of research are theory of technology, technological capability, technology assessment, technology transfer, but also economic and political science. He has published several scientific papers in scientific journals and in proceedings of international scientific conferences. He also participates in Slovenian and international project on open innovation.


Academic year 2020/21



ŠTRUKELJ, Peter. 2012. Why globally GDP, trade, profits, wages, employment decrease and why poverty increases? Management 7(2): 91–110.

ŠTRUKELJ, Peter. 2011. Is using mathematics and ame theory in analyzing economic phenomena scientific? Chinese business review 10(8): 648–664.

ŠTRUKELJ, Peter, Slavko Dolinšek. 2010. Internationalization of R&D in two high-tech clusters and cooperation of R&D units in those clustersJournal of industrial engineering and management 3(2): 294–308.



PhD, Assistant Professor in Management

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