Antropology of Religion

62-066  Antropology of Religion

second cycle Master degree study programme Political Science

Course Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Marija Mojca Terčelj , Assist. Prof. Katja Hrobat Virloget


  • An overview of classical anthropological definitions of religion, religious experiences and practices over time and space.
  • An overvief of anthropological definitions of myth, ritual, magic, symbolism and their roles in the religious experience of individuals and communitites/societies.
  • Problem of belief in supernatural.
  • Shamanism.
  • Pre-Christian traditional beliefs in Europe, beliefs, and customs connected with death, witchcraft, religios sincretism, traditional medicine, belief in souls, demons and other forms of beliefs in supernatural beings etc.
  • A short overview of the evolution of the anthropology of religion across basic scholars and worksthe through different approaches, from the psychological, sociological, comparative religion etc.: E.B. Tylor, S. Freud - totem and tabu, C.G. Jung - archetyps of the unconscious, J.G. Frazer the Golden Bough (magic-religion-science), E. Durkheim,  M. Weber, B. Malinowski - the religion of Trobriand Islanders; E. E. Evans-Pritchard - the religion of Nuer; C. Lévi-Strauss – structuralism, M. Eliade - comparative religious history of religion.
  • Contemporaray anthropological approaches in religion (V. Turner, M. Douglas, C. Geertz...).
  • Relation of religion, space/place and collective memory.


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