Basics Statistics

06-306  Basics Statistics

first cycle academic study programme (Bachelor degree) Management

Course Supervisor: Prof. Rok Strašek, Prof. Ajda Fošner


Course purpose

  • The course purpose is to introduce the fundamentals of the statistical study to students and that they are able to independently perform basic statistical analyses.

Content (Syllabus outline):

  • Definition of the basic concepts of statistical analysis and the importance of statistics in the information society.
  • Process flow of the statistical study (characteristics and methods of collecting primary data).
  • The importance and usefulness of secondary data and presentation of selected data sources.
  • Relative numbers: types of relative numbers (structures, coefficients, simple and group indices) and calculation, graphical presentation, applicability in practice.
  • Frequency distribution, ranks and quantiles.
  • Normal distribution, its properties and use.
  • Measures of mean values.
  • Measures of variability and concentration.
  • Correlation and regression analysis.
  • Time Series Analysis (simple indicators of the dynamics, the linear trend and performed time series).





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