Digital marketing

64-020  Digital marketing

second cycle Master degree study programme Innovation and entrepreneurship

Course Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Danjel Bratina


  • Introdution to digital marketing, macro and micro environment of web markets. Basic definitions, marketing mix in the digital environment.
  • Development of a digital marketing strategy. Historical overview of web marketing and the importance of a digital marketing mix. Macro environment of a digital marketing function, dynamics of changes, technological, economical, legal, social and cultural forces.
  • Micro environment of the digital marketing function. On-line consumer behaviour, competition, distribution, new channels of distribution.Implementation of digital marketing strategy and practical examples. Implementation of a digital marketing strategy and its incorporation into a company’s marketing mix. Segmentation, positioning and differentiation in a digital environment. Customer engagement and social media. The impact of technology on the marketing mix.
  • Customer relationship management using digital platforms.
  • Customer experience online. Design of a web page (webshop). Design of customer experience, use of blueprint for service flow design. Servicescape, on-line merchandising elements.
  • Marketing-communication mix on digital media. Digital media characteristics (information flow), SEO, paid and un-paid advertising (pros- and cons-) and its implementation. Web PR, use of affiliate marketing, interactive ads. Text and e-mail direct marketing.
  • Evaluating and improving use of digital media. Management of digital media, metrics.
  • B2C and B2B markets in digital environment.

Social Media