Design approach to innovation

64-006  Design approach to innovation

second cycle Master degree study programme Innovation and entrepreneurship

Course Supervisor: Prof. Mitja Ruzzier


  • Basics of business idea implementation on the market and specifics related to small and medium-sized enterprises and final users
  • The importance of design and design thinking in finding solutions and designing new products /services/business models or other entities in organizations that create new value
  • Methods of creative thinking to find solutions to user challenges
  • Basics of ethnographic research and observation methods
  • The role and importance of an interdisciplinary approach and teamwork in solving problems, designing and implementing entrepreneurial ideas
  • Fundamentals of (rapid) prototyping
  • Business modeling, designing business models for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial solutions
  • Implementation of new products and services on the market
  • The use of ICT tools in the processes of innovation and as support for user involvement in the innovation process
  • User-driven innovation

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