06-345  E-business

first cycle academic study programme (Bachelor degree) Management

Course Supervisor: Prof. Dušan Lesjak


Course purpose

  • Presents students e-business for better exploitation of business opportunities with the usage of modern information and communication technologies.

Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Introduction to e-business: terminology, overview of the development and comparison of e-business around the world and in Slovenia.
  • Organisation of e-business: participants, classification and types of e-business.
  • Infrastructure of e-business: technological foundations, standards, development tools and solutions of e-business, vendors, mobile business.
  • Mobile communication, social networks and internet marketing.
  • E-payment: types of e-payment, e-payment services.
  • Safety of e-business: threats and risks of e-business, safety policies and measurements of e-business.
  • Social, ethical and legal aspects of e-business.
  • Strategy and implementation of e-business: strategy of e-business, analysis and modelling of e-business, planning of e-business solutions, introduction of e-business, maintenance of e-business.

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