Financial institutions: activity, regulation, risks

65-005  Financial institutions: activity, regulation, risks

second cycle master study programme Economics and Finance

Course Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Suzana Laporšek


  • Financial system and financial intermediaries (banks, non-bank credit organizations, financial services, leasing, insurance companies, investment and pension funds): development, characteristics, functions and their role in the economy, trends and prospects.
  • The banking system: development of banking sector, origin and nature of the banks, their functions and role in economic development, structure of modern banking system, types of banks, central bank and fundamentals of monetary policy, commercial banks and their activities, international financial and credit institutions.
  • Central bank: role and functions of central bank, its role in the conduct of monetary policy of a country, regulation and supervision of commercial banks.
  • Commercial banks and non-bank credit organizations: their role and functions, principles and characteristics of their operations and organizational structure, active and passive operations, international standards and practices of banking.
  • The risk management system in the commercial banks: types of risks, methods of identification and estimation.
  • Payment system: interbank payments and correspondent relations; non-cash payments; international payments; role of credit institutions in combating money laundering.
  • Non-bank financial institutions: their role and main functions, characteristics of their operations, comparison between banks and non-bank financial institutions, trends in the non-banking financial institutions.
  • Features of functioning and regulation of the activities of insurance and financial services companies: functions, trends and prospects; characteristics of operations and regulations; risks and risk management of insurance and financial services companies.
  • Special features of the Russian financial market and institutions (characteristics and development of banking and financial system and of non-bank financial institutions in Russia, Central Bank of Russia; integration of Russian banks in the world community; payment system in Russia).

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