Foreighn language: Russian language

62-037  Foreighn language: Russian language

second cycle Master degree study programme Political Science


The subject content aims to cover 3 main objectives: the develpoment of language competence, the development of subject specific competence in Russian language,  the development of intercultural competence.
First, the students will improve their basic knowledge of Russian (B1)  with the communication patterns on the advanced level (B2, CEFR). Second, the students will master the basic comunication on their professional field (adapted to their language competence level). Third, they develope the ability to get included / integrated to the life / study in Russian enviroment, in according the the planned study programme (the continuation of their study in the Russian Federation).

By language competence development the students deepen their knowledge of Russian grammar, enlarge their communication skills in business and subject specific situations (introduction, getting to know business partners, communication skills needed to perform the study / business travel in Russia, country profile, politic party, political leadres, interview, article patterns, subject report).

By development of specific competenc in Russian language, the students deepen their knowledge of Russian civilization and society, know  how to formulate inquiries and textual messages on the their subject field (e.g., country profile), will get to know the Russian sources (mass-medien, web), needed to continue their subject specific studies about Russia.

By development of  intercultural competence, needed to complete successfully their study/work in Russian language and cultural environment, a lot of attention is given to the understanding of intercultural differencies, practicing intercultural skills, essential for successful collaboration with Russian-speaking people from Russia and other parts of the world.

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