International financial relations

65-025  International financial relations

second cycle master study programme Economics and Finance

Course Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Suzana Laporšek


  • International financial relations: international finance and international financial relations (concept, nature, structure and trends); world financial centres; major international markets (money, foreign exchange, financial and stock market); Euromarket (concept, components and deposit and loan operations).
  • International monetary relations: concept and regulators; currency relations; currency system; regulation of global currency markets and relations.
  • Economic essence and currency classifications: the concept of currency and its basic classification; characteristics of currencies.
  • International movement of capital: concept and forms; direct investment (concept and models); foreign direct investment (concepts and its components, forms of foreign investment enterprises, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, socio-economic implication of mergers and acquisitions); portfolio investment (concept, models and classification, export and import of capital and regulation of international capital flows).
  • International prices: the concept and characteristics of world prices formation; multiplicity of prices; types and characteristics of trade prices, and price discounts in foreign trade; information of world prices data sources.
  • International financial institutions: concept, characteristics and development; objectives, activities, services and strategies of various international financial institutions (World Bank group; IMF; IBRD; IDA; IFC; MIGA; ICSID); regional multilateral development banks (ADB, AfDB, EBRD, EIB, ISDB) – purpose of their creation and functioning; other international financial institutions; informal economic organizations (Davos Economic forum, Paris club, London club, Basel club) – objective, activities, basic principles of operation.

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