Creativity and Innovation Management

06-312  Creativity and Innovation Management

first cycle academic study programme (Bachelor degree) Management

Course Supervisor: Prof. Borut Likar


Course purpose

  • The purpose is to achieve competences related to development of innovative products, services and processes. It requires creative approaches that the subject will present, also through practice. The second part is designed to introduce and get familiar with concepts and practical approaches to managing innovation processes.

Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Basic terminology related to creativity within the innovation society.
  • Methods for identifying innovation opportunities.
  • Creative thinking and solving of challenges.
  • Feasibility study and evaluation of market potential of novelty.
  • Modern approaches of innovative products' development.
  • Technology as an enabler of development.
  • Manage the scenarios of the future.
  • Practical aspects of know-how and intellectual property protection.
  • Creative processes and employee motivation.
  • Basics of innovation and R&D strategies in organisation.

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