Intercultural Business Communication

05-339  Intercultural Business Communication

first cycle professional higher education study programme Management

Course Supervisor: Sen. Lect. Suzana Sedmak, Assist. Prof. Primož Šterbenc


Course purpose

  • Students understand the interweaving of culture and communication and the importance of understanding intercultural differences in business, in context of international political, economic and legal structure. They acquire knowledge and develop skills that enable them to communicate successfully in a globalised intercultural business context.

Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Culture and communication
  • Globalisation (definition, manifesting forms, characteristics) and business
  • Communication in a globalised, intercultural business environment, also in the context of world division into developed and undeveloped parts, and of the existing international institutional structure 
  • Identification and understanding of intercultural differences, also in the context of the existing global domination of the neoliberal socio-economic model
  • Barriers in intercultural communication
  • Overcoming the barriers in intercultural business communication
  • Communication in intercultural teams
  • Persuasiveness skills in intercultural context
  • Intercultural conflicts and conflict resolution in intercultural business context, while taking into account international competition for influence between the US, Russia and the People's Republic of China, and geo-political and geo-economic developments

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