B2B marketing

05-042  B2B marketing

first cycle professional study programme (Bachelor degree) Management

Course Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Armand Faganel


1 Fundamentals of inter-organizational marketing: Review of inter-organizational markets; Demand on inter-organizational markets; Hands-on inter-organizational markets; Classification commercial practices; Classification of markets; B2B and e-commerce.

2 The behavior of customers at the B2B markets: purchasing process; Purchasing roles; The development of needs at the organizations.

3 Research on B2B markets: Marketing Information System; Research facilities; Analysis of competition - Benchmarking.

4 Strategic marketing planning: Segmentation of the market; Methods and devices of strategic marketing planning.

5 Product Policy of established products: Classification of the product types; The life cycle of the product; Management products; Strategies for established products;

6 Product policy of new product development: Strategies for the development of new products; Marketing systems; Marketing of engineering services.


Pricing: Price; Pricing; Pricing strategies; The pricing policy; Price on the Internet; Financial marketing.

8 The policy of distribution: direct sales; Indirect sales; Management of conflicts on the way; Internet as a distribution channel; Multi-channel distribution.

9 Vertical specialization: Choosing industry; specialization; Expanding to other verticals in the industry.

10 Selling: Sales department; Keeping the sales department; Customer relationship management.

11 Strategies of communication: The communication process in B2B; Public relations; Advertising; Trade fairs and exhibitions;

12 B2B Direct Marketing: The Basics; Tasks; Forms.

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