Projecting an Entrepreneurial Idea

05-031  Projecting an Entrepreneurial Idea

first cycle professional higher education study programme Management

Course Supervisor: Prof. Doris Gomezelj Omerzel


·         Creativity as the foundation of innovation

·         Creativity and Entrepreneurship

·         Creative entrepreneurial culture

·         Analysing a company and its customers, and creative problem solving

·         Managing the innovative process

·         The importance of growing the business (the definition of growth, why some companies grow and some do not, the dynamic characteristics of firms), the importance of entrepreneurial growth companies and the national economy

·         Sources of firms growth (external environment, internal environment, barriers to growth)

·         Elements of entrepreneurial growth

·         9.Strategic planning for business growth

·         Entrepreneurial growth strategy

·         Models of business growth

·         Growth plan

·         Decisions in the early growth and in a mature growth

·         The definition of entrepreneurial harvest and termination of businesses

·         Unsuccessful growth, solving the crisis

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