Business English 2

05-313  Business English 2

first cycle professional higher education study programme Management

Course Supervisor: Sen. Lect. Dubravka Celinšek, Assoc. Prof. Igor Rižnar


Course purpose

  • To master English for business purposes - level B2/C1

Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Management and strategic management (language), team work and meetings in English (language); problem-based learning (PBL).
  • Marketing, e-marketing (language of marketing) and corporate social responsibility.
  • International trade (terminology and discussion, language of discussions).
  • Finance and company performance (terminology and discussion) and the stock market.
  • EU and its budget (language, discussion).
  • Business correspondence (in English).
  • Topics in business and economics: Business plan and financial management; business start-ups or other topics (terminology, PBL, reading comprehension, summarizing and translating).
  • Topical issues: e.g. Mergers and acquisitions (terminology, expressing opinion, reading comprehension, summarizing and discussion).
  • Language focus (complex sentence structures, text analysis, writing an abstract).
  • Translating technical texts and terminology; translation tools.

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