Postcolonial theories and social politics

62-071  Postcolonial theories and social politics

second cycle Master degree study programme Political Science

Course Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Marija Mojca Terčelj


First part of the course – 'Postcolonial theories'- is focused on selected topics from the field of postcolonialt theory, namely, the questions of identity, globalisation and hibridity.
Second part of the course – 'Social politics' explains and aplies post-colonial theories in its concrete frame – in the field of the rest of continents: Asia, Africa, Latin America and Pacific. The content will be related with so called 'Theories of the South' and presented with its concrete aplications in social politics for aboriginal (or native ) peoples.

First part 'Postcolonial theories' includes following contents:

  • identity: ethnic, cultural, national identities and their meaning in the postcolonial context;  problematisation of essentialism, nacionalisms and culturalisms
  • globalisation: different levels of globalisation and different views on this process (in economy, history, sociology, politology, humanities …); theory of globalisation from the viewpoint of longueduree
  • hibridity: phenomena of creolite, sincretism and hibridity in the postcolonial context and form ot the viepoint of globalisation processes

Second part 'Social politics' includes following contents:

  • social hibridity – historical review through the continents: mestization, hibridization, transcultural processes, religion and cultural syncretism
  • formation of cultural, ethnic and national identities in Africa, Asia and Latin America (historical review – 19 / 20 th Century)
  • international law and social politics for aborigional nations: human rights; UN – OIT conventions and its influation on the national constitutions (OIT Conventions 1948, 1953, 1989, 2014) and concrete analyse of national constitutions
  • socio-religious movements of aboriginal people in Latin America, Africa and Asia (19., 20 Ctr.)
  • etno –linguistical movements

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