Legal protection of intellectual property in enterpreunership

64-025  Legal protection of intellectual property in enterpreunership

second cycle Master degree study programme Innovation and entrepreneurship

Course Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Elizabeta Zirnstein



  • Protection of results of innovativeness: basic definitions, theoretical basis, justification of intellectual property rights, influence on other fields
  • Legal sources for intellectual property law
  • Basic principles and characteristics of intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights in general – acquisition and singular rights

  • Patent
  • Design right
  • Trade mark
  • Indication of origin
  • Other rights (topographies of semiconductor products, plant varieties, trade secret)
  • Registration, maintenance and licensing of industrial property rights
  • Copyright

Intellectual property rights in employment relationship

  • Mutual rights and obligations of employees and employers from emploee's innovations
  • Effective regulation of innovativeness in employment relationship in internal acts of companies and other organisations

Intellectual property law in international environment

  • Harmonisation and unification of intellectual property law in the EU (EU-wide rights)
  • International agreements regarding intellectual property rights

Transfer of intellectual property rights - contract law

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