Social Security Law

05-338  Social Security Law

first cycle professional higher education study programme Management

Course Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Katarina Krapež


Course purpose
  • The study of specific social security subsystems of provides students the knowledge and understanding of the processes in the institutions which secure the activities to provide the social security to the population.
  • The acquired knowledge and skills enable the students to perform the more demanding control forms over the decisions regarding the rights of population in the area of social security.
  • They enable the students to apply for the most demanding jobs in the state administration and institutions which execute the public services in the area of the social security.

Content (Syllabus outline)

  • The globalisation and changes in the system of the social security
  • The role of the state and institutions of civil society in the process of development of the constitutional values of the “social state”
  • The development of the principles of social security and the frames of the social security system
  • The labour market, the right to allowances in the area the assurance against unemployment
  • The health protection and the health insurance
  • Compulsory and the supplementary pension systems
  • Parental protection
  • Social protection

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