Developing successful startup brands

64-021  Developing successful startup brands

second cycle Master degree study programme Innovation and entrepreneurship

Course Supervisor: Prof. Mitja Ruzzier, Assoc. Prof. Tina Bratkovič Kregar


  • Specifics and characteristics of startup companies
  • Basic elements and importance of brands for successful commercialization of innovations
  • The role of users and entrepreneurs in the brand development – two dimensional approach
  • User involvement in startup brands co-creation
  • The importance of vision and mission – step zero in brand development
  • Setting the background: industry analysis, customer, competition and self-analysis
  • Story development – invisible startup brand identity elements (setting the price, business model, distribution, values, culture and attributes)
  • Development of visual identity elements (design, packaging, slogan, name, domain)
  • Registration of brands – legal aspects
  • Startup brand implementation
  • Communication with your target customers and internally with employees
  • Metrics: validation and measurement of specific brand elements
  • Brand equity: customer’s perspective
  • Use of ICT tools and social media in startups’ brand development

Social Media