Research creative seminar I – visual media practices and organizational skills

62-047  Research creative seminar I – visual media practices and organizational skills

second cycle Master degree study programme Political Science

Course Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Igor Bijuklič


Research creative seminar I. builds upon  the theoretical knowledge acquired in the program in order for it's practical application by students in cooperation with seminar menthor and guests from practice. In research creative seminar I, students are actively involved in practice and in solving tasks and problems set in agreement with seminar supervisor and in accordance with the intended content of the seminar.

Today's presence and everyday use of visual media technologies requires not only knowledge of their practical handling, but also an accurate knowledge of the specificity of media codes, language, genres. This can be regarded as a prerequisite for the realization of the widest range of expressive possibilities by contemporary visual media and visual art practices. Beside the mentioned knowledge, the seminar focuses on the ability of the active use of the language of visual media and visual art practices and the ability of practical applications of such technical skills. With the help of theoretical knowledge acquired in other study subjects, the seminar is focused in  dealing concrete social and political questions. According to the latter, the seminar is combined with the presentation and practice of intentionally selected organizational skills that encourage students to acquire the ability of self-organization as well as team-work in establishing different media platforms of public representation, expression and exchange of their and other research results or creative achievements.

The contents of the study program:

  • Characteristics of visual culture and general conditions in a mediated society. Watching and reading the images. Differences between images and text (written word), their range and limitations.
  • Learning  basic codes, language, genres and elements of different visual media (print media, photography, film, TV, video, Internet) and visual art practices in comparison to other forms of textual expression and communication.
  • Expected task: on the basis of a selected work in the field of visual media, students will prepare a short written review.
  • Photography and photographic image: Ontology of photography, photography as a document of memory, communicating experience and basic genres (documentary, reporter, conceptual). Photographic technique and the it's pratical use.
  • Expected task: student will prepare a photo reportage or photo collage of a chosen theme in the current political events.
  • Video as a direct intervention in the public space: video-documentary, video journalism, video archiving, and public video installation.
  • Expected task: student will prepare and  conduct a video interview with a public personality.
  • Creative potential of new media and their fundamental specifics (blogs, social media and networks, their political dimension and limits of virtual communities).
  • Organization and planning of media platforms: exhibitions, public installations, website.
  • Expected task: in form of team work with other students and with seminar supervisor, students will have to plan and organize a blog / exibition / public installations with content produced during the seminar.

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