Research creative seminar II – writing and speaking skills

62-053  Research creative seminar II – writing and speaking skills

second cycle Master degree study programme Political Science

Course Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Igor Bijuklič


Research creative seminar II. builds upon  the theoretical knowledge acquired in the program in order for it's practical application by students in cooperation with seminar mentor and guests from practice. In research creative seminar II, students are actively involved in practice and in solving tasks and problems set in agreement with seminar supervisor and in accordance with the intended content of the seminar.

In various fields of human activity are skills of written and spoken word (public speaking) essential. Research and creative seminar is based upon the assumption that these skills require special care and attention to different uses of language and words and ways of speaking. The seminar will allow to students to explore and learn different forms and skills of written and oral expression, their usual areas of practical use and which elements predominate in them. On this basis, the purpose of the seminar is to enable students for descriptive accuracy and the proper use of spoken and written language according to the specific communication situation, based on creative ability to use and combine a variety of written and oral practices.

Content of the study program:

  • Excercises in listening to music (music lyrics) song and poetry from politically engaged artists with an emphasis on the use of language elements.
  • Possibilities in creative use of metaphors, metonymies and analogies in relation to various functional language forms (formal, journalistic, artistic, technical  and scientific language).
  • Expected task: based on the selected language form and on individual examples within it,  student will prepare a list of identified dominant metaphors / analogies and give a brief analysis (at which point in the argumentation they usually occur and to which area or discipline they belong originally, etc.)
  • Language and stylistic elements of humor, satire and goteske in the case of selected authors and their works . ( Hašek , Milčinski , Harms , Vvedenski )
  • Expected task: student will wrote a short humorous sketch on the basis of a selected event or topic in the current political or cultural events.
  • Learning and exercises in various journalistic and publicity genres with the discourse analysis of journalistic texts and reporting with a focus on basic language games ( conceptual metaphors ).
  • Expected task: on the basis of two different journalistic genres, student will prepare and carry out a journalistic texts on the topic of journalism today.
  • Presentation and practice in various forms of public speaking ( argumentation and rhetoric ) , with emphasis on recognition and appropriate implementation of the various elements and performative practices.
  • Expected task: 1. In team work students ( in collaboration with seminar supervisor/mentor) will prepare a public roundtable on a current political event ; 2. Every student will participate also individually with a preparation of short contribution or paper, which will be presented and eventually defended in the following debate.

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