Selected topics of Ethics, politics and philosophy of management

70-010  Selected topics of Ethics, politics and philosophy of management

third cycle Doctoral degree study programme Management

Course Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Tonči Ante Kuzmanić


  • Introduction:
    Basic concepts: management, ethics, politics, policies, philosophy, especially »practical philosophy«, science, especially »social sciences«, science and knowledge.
    Methodologies: hermeneutics, Aristotelian »practical philosphy, methodical differentiation between asking questions and problematizing. Group hermeneutic studying of basic texts from the field (reading and interpretation of two key texts sentence by sentence), comparative reading of theories and concrete positions in the age of globalisation, discussion and encouragement of problematization of the issues in the light of ethical dilemmas
  • Key topics:
    Management and philosophy-management, politics and policies
    Management and administration, governing
    Management and society, the social
    Management, labour, action and ethics
    History of management
    Issues of critical management
    Ethics, politics and social science in general in the context of management
    Differences between social sciences and humanistics
    The problem of capitalism, post-capitalism, globalisation, and post-socialism (in the light of management developments)
    Contemporary »crisis« and ethical dimensions of the situation

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