Social Entrepreneurship-contemporary challenges

05-337  Social Entrepreneurship-contemporary challenges

first cycle professional higher education study programme Management

Course Supervisor: Prof. Doris Gomezelj Omerzel, Assoc. Prof. Tina Bratkovič Kregar


Course purpose

  • The purpose of the course is for students to get to know and understand the dimensions of social entrepreneurship. On the basis of presented cases from the field of social entrepreneurship, the goal is to stimulate students to think about entrepreneurial careers, including the social aspect.

Content (Syllabus outline)

  • The concept and definitions of social enterprise
  • The importance of social enterprise for the environment
  • Different models and forms of social enterprises
  • Examples of successful social enterprises
  • Evaluation of the possibilities for the development of social entrepreneurship in the region
  • The process of social innovatio

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