UN Study and ICT practicum

06-302  UN Study and ICT practicum

first cycle university study programme Management

Course Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Viktorija Florjančič


Course purpose

  • Introduction to study, learning and mastering learning skills and development of ICT skills.

Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Studying at the UP FM (introduction to the organisation, working methods, communication).
  • Use of scholarly apparatus.
  • Learning types, effective learning strategies.
  • Setting learning goals.
  • Time management.
  • Working in groups and teams.
  • Web searching: Using Google settings; Searching study materials in different databases (COBISS, scientific paper databases); using remote access.
  • Searching and downloading data from statistical portals (SURS, Eurostat) for usage it in spreadsheet programs.
  • Spreadsheet program (LibreOffice Cals/MS Excel): Sheets, linking data from different sheets, Formatting cells, tables/Conditional formatting; Using mathematical operations and basic functions; Data visualisation with charts and Data manipulation (sorting, subtotals, filtering).
  • Word processor (LibreOffice Writer/MS Word): Editing long documents; Using/Modifying styles; Inserting section breaks, numbering; Using captions; cross-referencing; Inserting indexes: content, figures, tables; footnotes, document footer/header; track changes.
  • Presentation tools (LibreOffice Impress/MS PowerPoint: Effective presentation features; Using a master slide/changing master slides.
  • Using and linking sources from different tools together and exporting content in different file formats.


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