05-002  Jurisprudence

first cycle professional study programme (Bachelor degree) Management

Course Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Katarina Krapež, Assoc. Prof. Danila Djokić


·         Introduction to law –the society, the state and the law; the concept and notion of law, development of law, systemization of law

·         General legal terms:

·         Constitutional law: notion and development, the constitution as a basic legal act, its meaning and structure, general principles of Slovenian constitutional arrangement

·         Introduction to EU law: European integration processes, sources of EU law, EU institutions, general principles of EU law, relationship between EU and national law

·         Introduction to administrative law: general principles and institutes of administrative substantive and procedural law

·         Introduction to civil law – general principles and institutes of civil law and civil proceedings, enforcement of  rights and their judicial protection, basic notions of Slovene court system

·         Introduction to the law of property

·         Contract law

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