Nature coservation and suistainable agriculture

61-050  Nature coservation and suistainable agriculture

second cycle Master degree study programme

Course Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Boris Kovač


  • Nature protection history
  • Systematics by examples (natural values, biodiversity)
  • Evaluation of nature's parts
  • Conservation of nature
  • Protected areas
  • Slovenian organizations for nature conservation and their functions
  • Nature / Environment and public opinion
  • International organizations and conventions of nature protection and EU regulations
  • Sustainable agriculture (definition, concept, goals)
  • Farming systems
  • Factors effecting ecological balance and sustainability of agricultural resources (soil: degradation, deforestation, accelerated soil erosion; water: salinization and alkalization
  • Environmental pollution: greenhouse effect and potential effects on agriculture – depletion of ozone layer, methane emissions, fertilizers as a source of pollution and control measures, pesticides and herbicides as source of pollution and control measures
  • Management of natural resources: land, water – irrigation problems
  • Organic farming (definition, principles, relevance to modern agriculture and components of organic farming, weed management, pest management)
  • Sustainable Agriculture, Biodiversity and Climate Change
  • Biodiversity of agricultural plants (current situation, importance, genetic erosion, conservation strategies)
  • Green revolution
  • GMO
  • Food security
  • National and international agricultural policy

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