How to reach us?

The university is situated in a vibrant Mediterranean town with ancient history which goes back to the Middle Bronze Age. Students find the environment stimulating and motivational both for studying and business opportunities. Especially favourable is the vicinity of northern Italian towns (Trieste, Venice, Udine) and the Istria peninsula, Croatia which promises a multicultural environment. 


How to reach Koper?

 By plane

The earest airports are:

  • Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport, Slovenia (Brnik – 23 km northwest of Ljubljana and 135 km away from Koper)
  • Aeroporto Ronchi dei Legionari Trieste, Italy  (66 km away from Koper)
  • Aeroporto Venezia-Marco Polo, Italy (176 km away from Koper)

There are very good bus connec­tions between Ljubljana and Koper as well as between Trieste and Koper. There are no regular flights from other airports to Koper.

 By car or taxi

You can reach Slovenia and Koper via major highways from Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia (via Rijeka or Pula).

Visit the following website for route planners and traffic reports: or  Route directions for Cankarjeva 5, Koper, Slovenia.

If you travel with car by motorways, you would need a vignette (sticker).

As there are not very good regular bus or train connections with both airports we highly recommend to use the taxi.

 By train

Slovenia can be reached by train as there are regular connections with Italy, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, and Croatia. There are no direct lines to Koper, so you have to get to Ljubljana or Trieste (Italy) from where you can reach Koper by local train or bus. You may want to consult the Slovenske zeleznice (Slovenian Railway Company) website for details.

 By bus

It is also possible to reach Slovenia and Koper from neighbouring countries by bus. Internal bus transport is well organized and relatively inexpensive. There is several buses running daily between Ljubljana and Koper, the journey takes just under 3 hours. You may want to consult the Ljubljana bus station website for details.




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