Tuition fees

Tuition fees

Enrolment and tuition fees are approved by the University Management Board and published in the official list of fees of the University of Primorska; the list is published in English on the website of the University and the Faculty website (in Slovenian and an exerpt in English in the Student handbook).

Students pay an enrolment fee of 41,96 EUR when enrolling for the first time in the study programme and 41,04 EUR when enrolling in 2nd and 3rd year.


Students from EU countries do not pay tuition fees for full-time study.

Students from non-EU countries pay tuition for full-time study if the country does not have a bilateral agreement with the Republic of Slovenia. Students from the following countries are exempt of paying tuition fee: Bosnia and Hercegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of Serbia, Republic of Montenegro.


Students pay tuition fees for part-time study mode regardless of whether they are from EU countries or non- EU countries.

The tuition fee does not include mandatory health insurance. Students have to arrange their health insurance before the beginning of the study year.


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