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 Mission Statement

UP Faculty of Management (hereinafter referred to as UP FM) is a higher education institution within which we research, educate and advise on the areas of social sciences with an emphasis on management, which has interdisciplinary links with economic, business, legal, organisational and behavioural sciences.

On the basis of their own and foreign research achievements, UP FM develops undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes as well as supplementary programmes for the area of management. In implementing these programmes we take into consideration the concept of lifelong learning.

Work with industries and other organisations in the public and private sectors, as well as professionals and top scientists who by efficiently and successfully managing organisations ensure the sustainable development of society.



UP FM will be a member of the best European business schools, with a recognisable impact on the performance of the economy and the wider socio-economic environment in the geographical region of Central and South-eastern Europe as well as the Mediterranean.


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