The International Office at the University of Primorska will provide for the accommodation of all exchange students who will present the Housing Request Form (please see the Application procedure). The information about the accommodation will be provided one month prior the beginning of each semester. Students will be placed in Student Residence and private apartments according to the available vacancies. Within the first month they can find another accommodation by themselves or with the help of our home students.The IRO does not offer assistance in search of substitutional accommodation.

In Koper there are two student dormitories located in the centre of the city, Dijaski dom Koper (DDK) and Studentski dom Koper (SDK). Students are mainly accommodated in triple rooms. The prices starts from 105 €/person/month (depending oon the number of persons per room). In DDK there are common bathroomsand a small kitchen on every floor. There is a canteen where students can have their meals. The meals have to be paid separately. There is also a small computer room where students can access the internet and a TV room.

SDK has the bathroom placed in the room. At the moment, unfortunately, there is no possibility of cooking.

We can’t guarantee in which student dormitory, if at all, the student will be placed. It depends on the number of applications received and the number of vacancies. Students can also live in private accommodation were the price for bed can vary from 200 €/month (living expenses like electricity, water, etc. included).

First Residence Permit

Since May 1, 2004 EU citizens who enter the Republic of Slovenia for the first three months do not need a residence permit. After this period, however, students are required to apply for a first residence permit at the local Administrative Unit. The application should contain the following enclosures:

  • a copy of a valid identity document or passport,
  • confirmation of enrolment at the University of Primorska, Faculty of Management Koper,
  • a statement of the amount of assest held during the applicant's residance in Slovenia (grant or other incomes – minimum amount required is 160 € per month),
  • a copy of the health insurance certificate (home country) or a copy of the EU health insurance card,
  • one photo,
  • a certificate of residence (contract).

Proof of sufficient means of support and health insurance certificate may need to be translated in Slovenian.

Health Care

Students have to get a health insurance certificate prior to the arrival in Slovenia.

The level of health care in Slovenia corresponds to European standards. Every foreign visitor has the right to emergency medical care. With certain countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Romania and Netherlands), Slovenia has signed conventions for the guarantee of emergency medical assistance, if the visitor submits appropriate forms. In such cases, the medical assistance is free. Further information can be obtained from the health authorities in home country.

Student Association

There is a well organized student association called ŠOUP (Študentska Organizacija Univerze na Primorskem) at the University of Primorska. ŠOUP takes care of students’ social life, as it organises cultural events and various sports activities. In the framework of ŠOUP there is also organised the ESN (Erasmus Students Network) which takes care of incoming students and helps them to integrate into a new environment. For more details visit

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