Guest lecturer: KonopKo Cooperative

At the end of October, during the lectures of course Social entrepreneurship-contemporary challenges, we hosted manager of cooperative KONOPKO, David Geršak. KONOPKO is Cooperative for the sustainable development of producing and processing hemp, z.o.o., social company.



The cooperative connects around 160 hemp growers and processors, innovators, researchers and other hemp interest groups in Slovenia. The basic purpose of the cooperative is to ensure a sustainable and socially beneficial way of hemp growing and processing, in this manner they fully support smaller and medium sized growers, connect rural and urban areas whilst operating within the guidelines of Fair Trade and ecological growing.

David shared their story and presented also history of hemp use and their future goals and products. The cooperative also has its own online store with hemp products:

We wish them a lot of success in achieving their goals!


Text and photo: Hojnik Jana, Assist. Prof.

Monday, November 2, 2020 | FM | Education

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