Begining of 2019-2020 Year Welcome from Dean

Dear students,

Congratulations on choosing Faculty of Management for your study destination!

In October, we are starting a new academic year. This will be the twenty-fourth beginning of the academic year for the Faculty of Management, University of Primorska. Each one marks a fresh start for all key stakeholders: students, professors, academic staff and for the supporting staff. All of us are about to face new challenges, new expectations, new experience and, hopefully and most importantly, get new insight.

During this academic year, we expect you to be curious. Discover, question and explore. The beauty and advantage of our faculty lies in the fact that we can devote ourselves to anyone who wants to acquire knowledge and professional orientation, develop personally and professionally and be prepared for the global business world.

Some of you are new at our faculty. I wish you all a good study experience and, above all, to create a good network of colleagues for your future endeavours. I wish all those who already know our faculty a successful continuation and completion of their studies.

By studying at the Faculty of Management you will gain management competencies. You will gain communication skills in a global society and will be aware of the importance of ethical use of knowledge and competences, while also learning about the principles of sustainable development of the individual and the society as a whole. In response to the ongoing changes in the wider society, we have revised and changed our undergraduate programmes during this academic year. Quite a few of you are studying in our English programmes or have joined us from abroad as mobility students, thereby increasing your career possibilities in the global market.

Our collaboration with the prestigious MV Lomonosova University from Moscow have yielded successful results and our first two graduates completed their studies by obtaining two diplomas - a diploma from the University of Primorska and the Moscow School of Economics of the prestigious MV Lomonosova University - and are now qualified to work on the European market for the Russian economy. We also wish our students currently studying in Moscow and at other partner universities a successful study experience.  

I wish all and everyone of you a lot of success during your studies. We will reach it through the creative collaboration - you, students, as well as all faculty and staff.

Having knowledge means having the future in the palm of your hand, and curiosity, I have to add, is the key to that knowledge and understanding. It is the power of achievement and the most powerful thing you can possess. In other words, it is the road to success!



                                                                                                                                Prof. Matjaž Novak, PhD,




Monday, September 30, 2019 | FM | Education

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