Dr. Danila Djokić visited Faculty of Law in Bremen

As a part of the Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility dr. Danila Djokic, associate professor in Law at Faculty of Management , visited Faculty of Law in Bremen last week.

In her lectures Corporate Governance in Transitional Countries dr. Danila Djokić focused on the presentation of the case of the Republic of Slovenia. She enlightened the process of the companies transformation in the last 25 years and the changes that happened in the country in this period of time. The initiation of the process, started with the mass privatisation of the equity capital and the corporatisation of the companies is something very unique and different from the German experience. The historical background was used to show the recent development of the legal system and legal sources that frame the organisation of the companies and determine the corporate governance in Slovenia and other transitional countries. The reasons and grounds for the recent status of the corporate governance was explained and the problems evaluated. Dr. Djokić also explained the method of measuring the corporate governance quality in the public companies of some transitional countries and some results of the empirical research on this field.

Dr. Danila Djokić was hosted by prof. dr. Thilo Kuntz, head of  Department of Corporate Law at the Law Faculty in Bremen, and his colleagues.


Monday, June 26, 2017 | FM | International Cooperation

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