Education 1/3

After receiving the official announcement from the Rectorate of the University of Primorska, all members of the University, including the Faculty of Management, is preventively interrupting the pedagogical process for the next 14 days - from Monday, March 9th to Friday, March 20th, 2020.

Already looking for a job? Would you like to pursue the career of your dreams but don't know where to start? Interested in what your employer thinks about your CV? Together with the Career Center of the University of Primorska, in December we have prepared three excellent workshops that will help guide you in preparing for a spring search for experience in planning your career path.

Workshops to be held in December are as follows: 

EXTRA CV IN THREE STEPS - Thursday, December 5th


We will soon be able to say: "Welcome to Faculty of Management, the University of Primorska, Welcome to Slovenia and Welcome to Slovenian coast!"

If you are wondering where you are moving to, how will the things look like and if there is anyone to support you, we can just say: "DON'T WORRY. WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!"

What you can do, is come a few days before the semester starts and we'll show you around the area, you'll be able to meet Faculty representatives, fellow students and arrange the necessary...

On October 1st everything starts again. New challenges, new expectations, new adventures... That's why we are all going to be with you on this very important day, where you'll step in the new academic year at our Faculty.

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