Eleonora and Benjamin on study exchange in Moskow (Russia)

Eleonora Cvetkovič and Benjamin Korosec are both postdergraduate students in Economics and Finance who have spent part of study year 2018/2019 at Russia's Lomonosov State University.

This is what they said about the experience:

We are Eleanora Cvetkovič and Benjamin Korošec, students at UP Faculty of Management (UP FM), enrolled in the Master's program in Economics and Finance. The study of Economics and Finance at UP FM ha enabled us to spend part of the academic year 2018/2019 in Moscow, at Moscow State University Lomosova - Moscow School of Economics, with which the University of Primorska has an Erasmus + KA107 agreement.

We chose the experience abroad because of various factors. The most important are:

  • acquiring knowledge at a university that is the best university in Russia and ranked among the top 100 globally,
  • expanding the network of acquaintances in new contacts,
  • an insight into the operation and tradition of Russia's best university and Russian economy,
  • acquiring quality knowledge of professors and knowledge of practice


The whole experience of being in a foreign country, studying in an international environment and meeting new people have enabled us to grow personally and invaluable life experiences.


Foto: Eleonora's and Benjamin's personal archive

Eleonora in Benjamin - z dvojnim magisterijem iz Moskve

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 | FM | International Cooperation

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