Guest lecturer about Commercial Law in Poland

Our guest dr. Grzegorz Kozieł, University College of Enterprise and Administration, Lublin, Poland, visited our university within Erasmus Academic Exchange He made a presentation on the commercial law in Poland.

In the first part, he briefly explained the changes in the Polish legal system from the Austro-Hungarian empire to the Soviet Union and gave detailed information on liberal Polish trade law in line with the demands in 15 years from 1989 until the time of entry into the European Union. In the second part, he talked about the current legal system of Poland. That the Polish law had begun to change before it entered the European Union, and that it was fulfilled by the membership of international institutions and accepted international agreements. With the entry of Poland into the European Union in 2004, it began to comply with the directives of the european union. In the third part, he briefly mentioned that the management system and Poland adopted the principle of separation of powers, and that with the administrative reform in 1998.

In the last part of the presentation, we talked about the development of commercial law in Poland and its applications in the present day. In this section, students also participated by asking presentation questions. Our guest lecturer dr. Kozieł explained us 4 types of partnerships within Commercial Partnerships (2000) and Entrepreneurs law (2018). Especially the partnership established with share ownership and the differences in the company's ownership were worthy of attention. Also he mentioned the actors of limited liability companies investors who want to live more freedom environment in Poland.

Finally, dr. Grzegorz dr. Kozieł  told us that the law of the European Union has shown considerable differences from country to country, although it has been for many years. The students expressed great interest in this presentation and gained some knowledge about Polish law.

We would like to thank Dr. Grzegorz dr. Kozieł for visiting us and sharing important information.


Text and photo: Kürsat Caner Alim, student FM

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 | FM | International Cooperation

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