Guest lecturer about Startup entrepreneurship

During the Contemporary Entrepreneurial Stories lectures , held by assit. prof. dr. Jana Hojnik, we hosted startup entrepreneur Maja Križmančič, who is a founder & CEO of Flexyteam. Flexyteam is an application which allows the job seekers and job providers to find connect in the tourism, restaurant and basicaly hospitality sector. And their vision is to become the leading company in the field of networking, professional development and promotion of hospitality personnel. Flexyteam was etablished in 2018.

Foto: UPFM

The most fascinating aspect of her story is that she had to start from the bottom and learn the tricks of the business in her early age. She mentioned that the experience she had in the business beforehand graduating made her one step ahead of her peers in the industry.

After an intense working schedule for many years, she decides to leave the EU to have a break and figure out what to do next. She went to Asia and spent a quite deal of time in Thailand. The cultural diversity and many other forms of hospitality she experienced inspired her in many ways. And that's how she got the idea for the Flexyteam app. She believes that there is a huge gap regarding qualified employees, better service and cheaper options for job givers in the hospitality industry. She also wishes to ignite the energy of youth and help employees to find more favorable occupations.

She answered some questions such as “What kind of marketing strategy you are focused on?”, “Have you ever feel down, what did you do when you weren’t feeling motivated?” and ended up having an informative conversation between her and students. Overall, we had a really nice discussion and got inspired by how she left her comfort zone and became the head of a really innovative start-up.

Summary written by Greg, Beril and Yasemin.


The lecture was held in English as part of Interreg Nuvolak2 project.

Monday, March 2, 2020 | FM | Education

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