Dr. Jana Hojnik has attended international conference ISDRS 2016 in Lisbon

Our research assistant dr. Jana Hojnik has recently attended the 22nd Annual International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference (i.e., ISDRS), which was held in Lisbon. The major ISDRS 2016 conference theme focused on the current sustainability strategies, policies, practices and approaches and the need to rethink their roles and applicability in different socio-cultural and economic contexts.

The title of the contribution, which was prepared in collaboration with prof. dr. Mitja Ruzzier and prof. dr. Tatiana S. Manolova, and was presented at the abovementioned conference is as follows Increasing competitiveness in global markets: the mediating role of eco-innovation. The main findings of the study indicate that internationalization positively affects eco-innovation. Likewise, both strategies internationalization and eco-innovation lead to better firm performance. Moreover, when testing for the mediating role of eco-innovation on the relationship between internationalization and firm performance, the findings reveal that eco-innovation augments this relationship.

Monday, July 18, 2016 | FM | Research

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