SMeART: How to prepare your SME for the Industry 4.0?

As you know, Industry 4.0 is one of the critical areas in the modern economy. This is a big challenge for all parties involved however SMEs in particular find it difficult to adapt company strategies, infrastructure and HRD concepts accordingly. This could be a fatal mistake because – as we can see from business developments in the USA, China, Japan, South Korea or India - the future will become reality much faster than we all thought.

Therefore, 15 HEIs, SMEs and chambers from seven countries have joined forces for the Making Europe's SMEs »SMART« projekt EU. After three years of extensive research and development work, the project group can provide answers to the following urgent questions:



What European SMEs think about Industry 4.0 and what support they are asking from HEIs?

Find background information and insights in our European study with 257 SMEs.

How HEIs can support SMEs in preparing appropriately for Industry 4.0 developments on strategic and operational levels?

Find methods, guidelines, lessons learned and recommendations in our comprehensive University Business Cooperation Model and Guidelines!

How SMEs can assess themselves whether or not they are well prepared for Industry 4.0?

Find out at the free to use Stress Test Tool for SMEs.

What public contact points on Industry 4.0 exist in your area?

Check our European Compass with significant contacts from all countries.

How to exchange on this topic with HEIs and SMEs and develop innovative solutions for development and research?

Join our free SMeART Network with currently more than 200 members ... and still growing fast 

Where to meet all project partners and other HEIs working in the field for fruitful discussions and planning for new projects?

Please register for the International Smart Engineering Conference held in Bielefeld (Germany) on December 3rd 2019!


For further questions and information, please contact prof. dr. Borut Likar, who's responsible for the project at our Faculty of Management UP.



Tuesday, November 19, 2019 | FM | Research

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