FAQ about enrollment

Is there an age limit for enrolment in full-time or part-time studies?
No. There is no age limit.


Can an employed candidate enrol in full-time study (undergraduate/postgraduate)?
YES. However, a student who is employed can not work through a student service, can not receive a scholarship, and is not entitled to subsidized transportation, meals and accommodation in a student dormitory.


How do I get the status of a candidate/student with special needs?
The granting of the status of a candidate with special needs is granted by the University Commission for Student Affairs in accordance with the rules published on the website of University of Primorska. You can get more information at the Student Affairs Office.


Are there any conditions for repeating the year?
As a rule, you can repeat the year if you have completed half of the obligations that are required in the study programme for the year you are enrolled in. Exceptions are on some masters programs, check for each program under "About the programme".


How many times can I repeat a study year?
Only once, if you have not changed the study program. If you repeat, you do not have the right to enrol in an additional year after last year of studies (senior year).


Do I have to submit an application to repeat the year?
If you meet the conditions for repeating the year, please send your decision by email to the Student Affairs Office, which will enable you to register in the SIS. If you do not meet the conditions, you must submit an application to the Commission for student affairs.


How do I become an unregistered student?
When you do not register/enrol in second year of studies or do not register to repeat the year you will automatically become an unregistered student. It means that you have temporarily interrupted your study.


Do I have the right to take exams as unregistered student?
YES, during the first year you can access SIS and you can register for exams free of charge except for the 4th and each further re-examination.


What conditions do I have to meet for continuing in the second year?
The conditions for continuing in the second (or third) year and re-registration are published on the website for each study program and can vary for different programs. If you are in doubt, check in a timely manner if you meet the conditions under "About the programme".


How do I register in second/third year?
The registration is done online through the SIS same as for enrolment in the first year, according to the instructions published on the website (link). In order to register, the student must meet the conditions for continuing his/her studies according to the study program. The Student affairs office will give you access to your registration form in ŠIS automatically once you meet the conditions and all your grades are entered in ŠIS.


During my studies, I became a mother. Do I have the right to extend my student status?
The students/mothers who give birth during the studies have the right to have their status extended for one year for each living child.

This right does not affect the possibility of enrolling in the senior year, transfer to another faculty/study programme or the right to repeating the year. Thus, the right can be used even if a mother gives birth during her senior year. The latter is thus extended by an additional year.


Can I enrol in an undergraduate study program as a full-time student even if I have already graduated from another study program?
YES, a student who has already graduated in one undergraduate degree and has attained education that corresponds to the level of education acquired by the study program in which he is enrolled can enrol in a second first-level study program, but has to pay tuition fees (also for full-time study).


Did you find the answers to your questions?
If not please send an email to the Student Affairs Office referat@fm-kp.si we will be glad to help you.

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