Tutoring is an activity in which students of higher years direct their colleagues, help them in the everyday dilemmas of study life, advise them in their studies, help them to overcome obstacles.

The tutoring system is organized in two forms: student tutoring and teaching tutoring.

At UP FM, we also have tutoring organised for foreign students who come to UP FM within mobility programmes, and for students who are foreign citizens and students with special needs.


First- year students will be appointed a student tutor and a teacher tutor at the beginning of the academic year who will help them with their studies, especially with resolving current study problems (choosing courses, direction to appropriate services, familiarisation with rules, regulations and operations of UP FM).


For more info please write an e-mail to tutor@fm-kp.si or ask your student tutor or teacher tutor.


Need any help or advice at the beginning of your study at the Faculty of Management?
Do not hesitate, contact your tutor today! We are here for you!



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